Pan-Jam Encouraged By Kingston Cruise Ship Prospects

Pan-Jam Encouraged By Kingston Cruise Ship Prospects

Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust executives are encouraged by prospects of cruise passengers docking in downtown Kingston within proximity of its ongoing real estate development.

"Recent statements of government support for developing Kingston as a port of call for cruise shipping have strong positive implications for the group's ongoing waterfront investment and its own long-standing interest in the port of call concept," said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stephen Facey and chief operating officer Paul Hanworth in a statement released with the property conglomerate's June quarter financial results.

"We will therefore continue to seek opportunities to work collaboratively with the administration to bring the concept to life," the directors said.

Ship to dock in December

The Jamaican Government announced in June that a cruise ship carrying 2,700 passengers would dock in Kingston in December. The last time a cruise ship came into Kingston was around two years ago.

Popular travel attractions within Kingston include the National Gallery of Jamaica, Bob Marley Museum, Devon House, Hope Gardens, Port Royal and the Jamaica Blue Mountains.

Pan-Jam and partner Downing Street acquired the Oceana Hotel from the Urban Development Corporation for $385 million in early 2014. They are redeveloping the property, located on the Kingston waterfront, at a cost of about $6 billion.

Through King Church Property Holdings Limited, the partners will redevelop Continue Reading..........


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